Invest in the Masternode index
and receive weekly rewards in BTC
Portfolio of the best masternode coins handpicked by Midas.Investments plus BTC in one financial instrument building your passive income
Masternode index ROI:
24% payed in BTC + coin value growth
Invest in Masternode index and receive weekly rewards in BTC
How does
the Masternode index work?
1. Deposit BTC to MNI share.
2. BTC is spread between 5 coins: Midas, Phore, Divi, ESBC and BTC. Each with 20%.
3. Each week mined coins convert to BTC and sent to you.
4. Your balance changes according to coin's price change.
Bitcoin Weekly Payments
All rewards from masternodes are paid to you each week. The passive income from masternodes was never so simple.
The easiest Instrument to Invest
No need to decide what to buy and when or make a research. Midas picked the coins that had a stable and profitable performance over time.
Weekly rebalancing strategy shows the 40% increase of annual index growth compared to other strategies.
Rebalancing to maximise profits
What investors think about MNI?
Midas manages the index porfolio and splits your funds across equally across five coins that have demonstrated long term stability and industry leading return on investment opportunities. I admit I am not a crypto analyst and my current portfolio is very much hit or miss. I am willing to put myself in the hands of those that are doing a pretty good job (already proven) you make the decisions for me and I will just sit back collecting the passive income.
Endimmion #4096
This idea of MNI is something I wanted to see in the masternode world for a long time. Looking for the best opportunity, tracking coin worth it, investigating on team behind project, trading to increase the portfolio etc.... : All of this take a huge amount of time and of course skills in those area. And since I started to use Midas platform, I have seen you doing a real great job to increase the investments capabilities of the user on your platform.
TreizeKordero #5375
I joined the index because I felt it was a good idea. It reminded me of ETFs which can be a good vehicle for wealth building. Not to mention most of your picks were in coins I've have already invested or considered investing in. It gives me confidence that MNI will gain some measure of success in the future.
Frequently Asked
If you have any questions, you can find the answer here, message the online-support or ask on social medias.
Why did Midas choose coins for index?
The coins are picked by our team based on a few factors: price performance, product and community and medium ROI value (30-40% annual). Bitcoin is used to stabilize portfolio.
How can I invest in MNI?
Go to available shares and search for MNI. Then click «Invest» and deposit BTC on an address that popped out. You can invest any amount you wish.
How does rebalancing work?
Each month Midas team makes a rebalancing for the index equaling the value of each coin to 20%. It means that if a coin increased on 10% in price, increasing its equite to 22% of the index, Midas will sell 2% to buy other coins, making the equal equities for all coins. It shows great results on long-term investment, since MNI is gathering profits and buys coins that lowered in value.
When will I receive the payout?
Payouts are made each Monday on your BTC balance.
Why did my MNI share value change?
Each week on Monday we are making recalculations of your index share. Coins in index are increasing or decreasing in value. Each Monday Midas is recalculating your share according to price changes.
What are the fees?
Midas takes 5% of the payouts as a fee + 0.8% each month with rebalancing. You can reduce those fees to zero by activating Lock-in.
How can I withdraw my BTC from MNI?
You can withdraw your BTC anytime. It will be processed with balance recalculation on Monday.
465 investors already invested 61 BTC.

Invest in the Masternode Index to receive the first payout next Monday!
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